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Frequently Asked Questions

 Changes to Loadshifting Training and Assessment procedures - From September 30th 2011

From September 30th 2011 operators in NSW no longer need a certificate of competency to operate a:
*Front end Loader (LL)
*Front end Loader/backhoe (LB)
*Front end Loader of the skid steer type (LS)

However, employers (or controllers of plant) must ensure that the operators have received adequate information and training.

To determine an operator's competency, appropriate training or experience could include that they:
*Hold a previous certificate of competency issued by WorkCover.
*Hold a statement of attainment or other nationally recognised qualification for the type of plant they will be operating.
*Have completed training at an industry training school, or hold an industry competency card for the relevant item of plant.
*Have been trained on-the-job by an experienced and competent person (this must be structured and evidenced).
Demonstrate experience and competency, which can be verified by a previous employer.

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Mobile Plant Operator Training Services
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