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 Changes to Construction Induction Training

On 1 September 2009 changes were introduced to the way you are trained and assessed for a construction induction card. These changes move NSW in line with national standards and codes and remove red tape for those who work across state or territory borders.
WorkCoverís accredited course OHS general induction for construction work in NSW has come to an end. In its place is a national unit of competency, called Work safely in the construction industry. This construction induction training is still compulsory for anyone wishing to work in construction.
The cards we issue under the new unit are automatically recognised Australia-wide, so there is no need to hold multiple cards for work across borders.
Under the national approach, other states and territories ( except Western Australia) also recognise the current, previously-issued construction induction certificate (CIC), issued since 2004.
Only registered training organisations (RTOs), or trainers working under an RTO, are able to deliver the new course.
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